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Advantages of Managed Remote Access

When setting out on an international business opportunity, you have to provide your employees with 24/7 network access that gives them access from around the globe. With this system, you can maximize your business while still securing the corporate access for your more remote users. The advantage of having remote access is that your employees can still perform the key functions of business without being tethered to a location. For example, they can perform the critical corporate applications, which is going to lead to the optimal level of productivity.

No matter what your remote access solution, each of them will have a custom level of security that matches the need for the business. Here at UIS, based out of Pittsburgh, PA, we can set up remote access solutions, such as IPSec, SSL and Internet VPNs. On every level, you will receive the best security. Because we have flexible offerings, we will work with almost all types of web browsers, and we will eliminate the need for changes to the internal server or the need for client-software deployment. We also offer world-class desktop support to guarantee ongoing maintenance that avoids costly repairs.

Our skilled and qualified engineers will leverage the predictive network analytics to guarantee that we detect 95 percent of the potential errors before they hurt the health of your network. Using our system, you will experience more reliable and more consistent and secure network access from all locations and devices. To learn more about what we have to offer, call us or send us an email.

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