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How to Gain the Most from Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 features an email system, Internet access and an integrated calendar. In addition, you will have more than 50 gigabytes of email storage, and convenient desktop and web access that gives you integrated access to your calendar. The concern is that because of so many features, the learning curve with Office 365 can be steep. Without the right expert to help guide you, there is a danger that you will not receive the most from this invaluable tool.

Here at UIS, your Pittsburgh IT partner, we help our customers succeed with Office 365. We can provide you with crucial training to help you to get the most from this product. We also know how to set up mobile devices so that you will have access to the Office 365 emails from anywhere. Configuring the settings has never been so easy.

If you have any questions or concerns related to your Office 365 account, contact UIS. We have experts who will help to support your business and we can make sure that everything runs smoothly with this product.

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