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Windows 10: the premier product for business use

Microsoft Windows has long been the premier operating system for business use and with a variety of new features, Windows 10 is no exception.

The most prominent new feature in Windows 10 is Microsoft Edge. Microsoft Edge is a web browser similar to Internet Explorer or Google Chrome. However, Edge is unique in that it allows you to write or draw directly on the web page. This feature essentially allows you to annotate webpages at your convenience. No longer do you have to print out webpages or use an unstable third party app to annotate webpages or take notes. You can then integrate those notes with your Microsoft Surface, a Windows Phone or another PC.

Another key feature in Windows 10 is Cortana. Microsoft bills Cortana as a "personal assistant." It essentially functions as a more advanced Siri, as popularized by Apple in iOS. Cortana can quickly and efficiently set up meetings, send emails or look up information. It can also pull up, sort or send your notes from Edge. In a fast paced business, these time saving features are crucial.

Ultimately, Windows has continued their trend from Windows 8 by allowing for easy integration. However, Windows 8 was much maligned for deviating so far from the standard Windows user interface that had been used from the past two decades. Users were not willing to embrace such a sharp change. Windows 10 brings back the old user interface system while continuing to allow integration with multiple devices, particularly the Microsoft Surface. By doing this, Microsoft is ensuring that Windows 10 can meet your business needs whether working at your desk or while on the go.


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