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Intuitive and Intelligent Features Perfect For Business Professionals

As a business professional, you're aware of how important technology is in the workplace. Failure to utilize the most recent technology can make or break a business deal and prevent you from expanding your brand to new customers. The release of Windows 10 had corporate infrastructure in mind with some of the new features that were implemented into the operating system's framework. Located below are a list of features that you will want to incorporate into your professional dealings.


Cortana is a help tool that allows you to navigate the platform with simple voice commands and actions. Stating "Hey, Cortana," will cause the software to come to the forefront of your current window screen. The software allows you to explore documents, reminders you've set, apps on the Windows Store, and details about your system. Cortana is a brilliant way to set up appointment dates and notes about clients with simplicity and elegance.

Snap Assistance

For those of us without dual-monitors, we often align our windows and pages side-by-side in order to browse back and forth between their contents. With the new Snap Assist feature, Windows allows you to perfectly align your pages for optimal viewing pleasure. This is perfect for placing sales documents with a current list of clients in order to further your knowledge and workflow.

Multiple Desktop Areas

Similar to Snap Assist, multi-desktop allows you to have several desktops open for different tasks. This can be used to designate one desktop for client related work, another for sales notes, and another for prospective client information. This will allow professionals to work more efficiently and get things done in a timely manner.


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