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A Powerful Business Digital Presence with Windows 10

Most businesses of all size have migrated towards some form of cloud management and digital communication. The complex nature of managing business assets and organizing difficult projects make Windows 10 a viable choice for upgrade. Windows 10 is a new generation of Windows that is slowly integrating itself as a simplified business operating system in the marketplace.

Enterprise Security for Every Business

Small and large businesses can take advantage of the new Windows 10 mode of digital security and management. Previous versions of Windows offered better device and hardware security settings to protect the large assets associated with enterprise systems. Windows 10 makes this available for any business size with digital signage and assigned access to users to protect the front-end from viruses. Enterprise Mode Internet Explorer is now available for all Pro and Education Business users

Streamlined Device Management

It's not uncommon for a business to manage several devices on a single network. Features such as BitLocker encryption make sure specified users access information as needed. Volume contracts are available for these editions that allow users to sign on hundreds of devices without the need for additional license keys.

Marketing with Windows 10

Windows 10 allows business to expand their digital presence with an online app store for applications and utilities. This allows businesses to create their own proprietary applications and market them. Android is also compatible with the new enterprise features of Windows 10.

Windows 10 carries over some features such as remote desktop from Windows 7. However, the Windows 10 upgrade may play a vital role in how new features are managed. Mobile devices and cloud data management require an operating system that is flexible in various sizes and shapes for any device that a business uses on the go. Consider Windows 10 to be in the spotlight for a changing mobile business world requiring a digital presence.

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