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The New Windows 10

The new Windows 10 rolled out earlier this year with a lot of fanfare--and for good reason. The new operating system boasts many new features, such as universal apps and Cortana (the Microsoft equivalent of Siri, Apple's voice activated information gatherer), that both tech geeks and laypeople can appreciate. The newest in Microsoft's operating systems addresses many of the issues users had with Windows 8 platform, and strikes a nice balance between the practical ease of Windows 7 with the futuristic ambitions of Windows 8. Perhaps best of all, Windows 10 is free for current users of Windows 7 and Windows 8.

A number of new and old features are here. The start menu has returned for those missing it in the previous platform. Here, one can access any number of apps. The universal apps are designed to allow users more freedom to access them from any device, be it a PC or a tablet. (New smartphones produced by Microsoft will feature Windows 10, and allow users to sync their devices to their PCs). A new internet browsing program, Microsoft's Edge, replaces the outdated Internet Explorer. The browser allows users to access Cortana for easy navigation and relevant suggestions.

Connectivity and fluidity is a theme with the new Windows, and gaming hasn't been overlooked in that regard. Users with an Xbox One may stream games from their Xbox directly to their PC. Also accessible is the user's online Xbox profile, so gamers wishing to track their progress and achievements are able to do so.

Microsoft is dedicated to fixing bugs and smoothing out the problems. Windows 10 updates are rolled out regularly, and many quality of life issues are constantly being addressed for those who have upgraded. The new OS offers customization and ease of use. For anyone still in the fence, now is the time to upgrade.

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